Over the course of the past year, we’ve analyzed over 17 billion email opens to see where subscribers read emails. And while a few things stayed the same, we saw plenty of movement this year in terms of email client popularity. In our 2016 Email Market Share infographic, we take a look at mobile, webmail, and desktop opens over the course of the year, providing insights about why these changes occurred and how they may affect your email campaigns.

The top 10 most popular email clients of 2016:

  1. iPhone, 33%
  2. Gmail, 20%
  3. iPad, 13%
  4. Android, 9%
  5. Apple Mail, 7%
  6. Outlook, 6%
  7. Outlook.com, 5%
  8. Yahoo! Mail, 2%
  9. Windows Mail, 1%
  10. Windows Live Mail, 1%