We’re all familiar with the marshmallow test. We know that humans are not good at delaying gratification. Because anything that’s worth it in life requires you to do tedious work that has ZERO short-term gratification.

“Have a little patience.” That’s something many people have told me very often in the past. And it’s true, used to be very impatient.

Too often, we don’t realize how bad impatience is. I was recently rereading some parts of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, my favorite book on conquering fear. And this sentence grabbed my attention:

“The biggest pitfall as you make your way through life is impatience.”

If you’re the same, you know that it’s a bad trait. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, and others. Unnecessary pressure. And impatience impacts all aspects of your life: Your health, relationships, and career.