Most brick-and-mortar businesses can only operate and generate revenue if their doors are open. Customers must travel to the business and come inside to make a purchase. But this model isn’t great when unforeseen circumstances require a business to shut its doors and prevent customers from coming inside.

We are seeing this right now with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are a few ways your brick-and-mortar business can continue to generate revenue even if your business doors are shut.

  1. Presale products and services.
  2. Sell gift cards (with a deal).
  3. Offer curbside pickup.
  4. Offer local delivery.
  5. Take your services online.
  6. Create digital products.
  7. Host a live online fundraiser event.
  8. Engage your customers so they are ready to come back when your doors open.

Let’s take a look.