15 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

POSTED April 01, 2017 IN:

Although you can put everything on your website, please don’t. Here are 15 things that should never go on a website, under any circumstances.

1. Vague Headlines
2. Social Media Icons In Your Header
3. Meaningless Section Headers
4. Dates on the Blog
5. YouTube Suggested Videos …#CatFail videos on your site
6. Long Paragraphs
7. Stock Photos of People …stranger danger
8. Press Releases …the lazy, insensitive way to publish
9. PDF Files – the “rust” of the Internet
10. Ads for Your Own Stuff
11. Your Testimonials Page
12. Email Links …bad for marketing, good for spam
13. Greedy Forms
14. “Submit” as a Call to Action
15. Dead End Thank You Pages