It’s such a common question, some Analytics pros are tired of hearing it. When the boss or a client asks “What’s a good bounce rate?” or “What’s the average bounce rate?” they groan and the responses get snarky.

A bounce rate is basically a one-page visit but no one likes one-page visits. Everyone wants to lower their bounce rate. But what is an acceptable bounce rate? We’re going to answer this question once and for all.

We have access to hundreds of Analytics accounts across a huge range of industries. So we looked at 501 Analytics accounts, calculated the average bounce rate by industry and traffic source, to create a better bounce rate benchmark.

We’ve seen articles that calculate average bounce rate from a few dozen accounts, but this larger study should be more accurate and useful.

The average bounce rate for websites is 61%

Actually, it was 60.99%, but close enough. Here you can see the distribution curve for those sites. Half of all the accounts had bounce rates between 50-70%.