Every web designer, design agency, or somebody who works with websites must keep themselves up to date with the latest goings on in the world of web design. That’s why I suggest you to follow established web design blogs, which produce a constant stream of content.

So I here’s a list of the most popular web design blogs I advise you to follow:

A List Apart

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. By the way, it was Ethan Marcotte’s article on A List Apart where the term “Responsive Web Design” first appeared!

Web Designer Depot

Webdesigner Depot is one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, tutorials and much more. There you’ll find Photoshop tutorials, WordPress plugins, and Web Development tools. Definitely one of the biggest blogs about web design and an excellent resource to keep handy.

Smashing Magazine

Any time you run a google search related to web design or webdev you’re most likely to come across Smashing Magazine. An essential things to read to keep yourself tuned with the latest news in web design

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks was launched in 2007. It used to be, believe it or not, primarily about CSS! Over the years, despite the hokey name, CSS-Tricks has come to become a site about all things web design and development.

SitePoint — Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Responsive Design

SitePoint is an online community of web professionals. Learn Web Design & Development with SitePoint tutorials, courses and books — HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mobile app development, Responsive Web Design.

Webdesign Ledger

The Web Design Ledger is a publication written by web designers for web designers. The primary purpose of this site is to act as a platform for sharing web design related knowledge and resources.

SpeckyBoy Design Magazine

Speckyboy Design Magazine offers insightful tutorials, time-saving techniques, fresh and useful resources and inspirational art, covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising and mobile applications.

Web Design Tuts

Tuts Web Design is home to some of the best web design tutorials and articles around. We publish tutorials that not only produce great results and interfaces, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.

TNW Design and Dev

You can always expect great stuff from their Design and Development section: design trends, UI/UX best practices, and other design and development news.


TemplateMonster is a project delivering a vast variety of design products for web purposes as well as corporate design items. Delivering the best website templates and design products to the widest audience possible.

Web Design | Reddit

This one is not exactly a blog, but a subreddit. But you’ll find a lot of good stuff there including HTML, CSS, JS, layout, UI, graphics, etc.


Codrops is a web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities. The team of Codrops is dedicated to provide useful, inspiring and innovative content that is free of charge.

Designmodo: Web Design Blog and Shop

This one is a Web Design and Web Development Magazine. They also provide design, web development, premium products, quality freebies. The blog is a great resource for both beginners and advanced designers looking to expand and improve their knowledge.

1stwebdesigner+ Follow

1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web developers and designers. Topics focus on web design, graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles.


This one is a Web Design blog for designers, bloggers and tech users, covering useful tools, tutorials, tips and inspirational artworks.

Vandelay Design

Here you’ll find lots of tutorials, inspiration, freebies and so much more.


A digital community devoted in sharing web design and development freebies, great tutorials, useful Internet resources, online tips and tricks for web designers.