WordPress has been around for more than 15 years. It’s the market-leading online publishing software that enables you to create self-controlled, fully functional websites on your own turf.

With almost a third of the Internet running on WordPress, it’s no wonder that so many small business owners fell in love with it. In many cases, it was love at first site!

True Love vs Dating

These business owners were lucky! Others went the hard way: letting what looked like ‘easy-to-use’ entry-level services catch their eye, only to realize down the road how limiting they were.

They had to abandon site to start afresh with WordPress. Having experienced those less reliable tools, their love for WordPress grew even stronger.

Guarantees Independence from Gatekeepers and Third Parties

Some small business owners decide to go the seemingly easy route and use Facebook for their online presence. Then they often wake up one day to realize that their data is locked. Others notice that their design does not work anymore because Facebook has changed theirs.

Full Control and Ownership of Content and Other Assets

It’s not just that you can move your site any day and any place you choose. You also control your content completely. You own it and you have full access to it.

Works for Portfolio Sites, Online Stores or Local Business

Back in the day, WordPress started as a tool for bloggers to write diary-like weblogs that later became known as blogs. Later WordPress also embraced business and with it most if not all other website types including online stores, communities, simple “business card” static sites, etc.

It doesn’t matter what type of site you like. You can most likely make it with WordPress.  The large majority of websites can be set up with WordPress out of the box.

Makes Content Creation Simple for Starters with Gutenberg Editor

The new WordPress editor called Gutenberg allows beginners to create very enriched content with all kinds of media in it by just clicking an icon or two. You can embed video, audio (think music) or updates from other sites with ease.

You can format text and visual content with no additional effort. At the same time, you can add custom content formatting and use those formats over and over without hassle.

Offers Free Advanced Features with Plugins

One of the most-loved aspects of WordPress is the plugin library. You can be sure that any advanced feature you can think of somebody else already has already thought of before you and even put that idea into code. Such plugins are often highly customizable so that you can use advanced features in a way that fits your site and business.

Has a Huge Community for Free or Affordable Support Available

Some static websites are written in code only the original web developer really understands. Some content management tools are so complicated that only experts who have worked with them for years how to change something.

WordPress has highly standardized code that anybody can read and understand. You can choose from tens of thousands of developers once you need some customization or additional features. Yet in most cases you won’t even need them.

Optimized for Google from the Start

Google users probably won’t find you on Facebook. Most of the social networking site’s content is unavailable to the search engine. WordPress is ‘search engine’ and ‘search user’ friendly by default. Leading SEO experts agree on this.

No matter what kind of site you build for your small business, WordPress can help you thrive from day one.

Why settle for the workaround and rent space on somebody’s else site when you can own your online presence and have professional tools from the start?

Don’t make yourself believe that a proper website will be too hard, expensive, or labor-intensive for you. The more you invest in your site the more likely your business will succeed—show more love, get more love.