Search engine optimization is continuous work and only ensures long-lasting success when many individual steps align. Even small errors can cause big problems in the SEO “gearbox”. That is why we have compiled the 9 most common mistakes and will show you how you can fix them in just a few steps.

1. Title Tags Are Not Optimized

2. Missing or Non-optimized Meta Descriptions

3. Duplicate Content

4. Incorrect Internal Linking

5. You Have Not Stored Any Robots.Txt or the Content Is Blocked

6. Not Storing a Sitemap.xml

7. Non-optimized Images

8. Use of Too Many H1 Tags

9. Website Is Not Mobile-optimized or Is Poorly Mobile-optimized

The mistakes listed here were only a small sampling of possible causes that can negatively influence your search engine optimization. As you see, fixing these mistakes is usually not very complicated. But the benefit for your SEO success is even greater.