Do You Want One Marshmallow Now? Or Two In 15 minutes?

We’re all familiar with the marshmallow test. We know that humans are not good at delaying gratification. Because anything that’s worth it in life requires you to do tedious work that has ZERO short-term gratification. Too often, we don’t realize how bad impatience is. I was recently rereading some parts of 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' by Susan Jeffers, my favorite book on conquering fear. And this sentence grabbed my attention: “The biggest pitfall as you make your way through life is impatience.”

Best Practices for Modals / Overlays /Dialog Windows

Definition: A modal window is an element that sits on top of an application’s main window. It creates a mode that disables the main window but keeps it visible with the modal window as a child window in front of it. Users must interact with the modal window before they can return to the parent application. 

Best Practices for Search Results

Search is like a conversation between the user and system: the user expresses their information need as a query, and the system expresses its response as a set of results. The results page is a crucial piece of the search experience: it presents an opportunity to engage a dialogue that guides users’ information needs.

Frontend vs. Backend

What are we talking about when we talk about frontend vs. backend? The differences between design and development actually lead to more of a discussion around frontend and backend web work.