Since you’re reading this email marketing guide, it’s probably safe to assume that you already see some value in email marketing for your business. I’ll take the opportunity anyway to mention a few salient points about email and why marketing and email go together well.

Nearly half of all people worldwide use email. That’s about 3.9 billion people (including about 233 million in the U.S.), according to 2019 stats. It’s estimated that the number of email users worldwide will top 4.3 billion by 2023. Yup, email’s popular.

Email is a part of our lives. A very big part. And if you run a business, email marketing can play a vital role in your success. In fact, 59% of consumers say email marketing influences their decision to purchase.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this entry-level email marketing guide:

  • Contact lists.
    • Tips for building a contact list.
    • Your contact list and delivery.
  • Email content.
    • Email marketing topics.
    • Email length.
    • Call-to-action.
    • Proofreading emails.
  • Email design.
    • Banner image.
    • Color scheme.
    • Typography.
    • Images.
    • Sending and deliverability.
    • Subject lines.
    • Personalization.
    • Sender ID.
  • Email analytics.
    • Views.
    • Clicks.
    • Unsubscribes.
    • List maintenance.